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The Users Without Identity Project (UWIP) is the source code for UsersWithoutIdentity. Com. The UWIP is developed with Visual Studio 2022 and the MS Long Term Support (LTS) version .NET 8.0 framework. All Errors, Warnings, and Messages from Code Analysis have been mitigated. The UWIP implements user authentication and two factor authentication like MS Identity but with a clear and modifiable design. UWIP implements two factor authentication with the (TOTP) standard and is compatible with the MS Authenticator or Google Authenticator applications. Users can self-manage passwords, email addresses, and security in Manage Account. Admins can list and manage users, email addresses, and histories.

I developed KH Authenticator, an application which registers and authenticates a user without a password or email address. The authentication process qualifies as multifactor. The application is installed on something you have. To access the online account, you must provide a PIN (something you know) or a recognized fingerprint scan (something you are). The KH Authenticator application is developed with Visual Studio 2022 and .NET MAUI and is available for Windows and Android. See KH Authenticator Server. Version 2.x and above of the UWIP implements the KH Authenticator API.

The UWIP was initially developed back in 2020 with framework .NET Core 3.1. I upgraded the project to .NET 5.0 then to the LTS version .NET 6.0. Version 2.x of the project integrated the ASP.NET Core 6.0 - Homegrown Analytics Project and implemented multiple email addresses per user. I enabled the nullable context and mitigated all warnings and issues. See Nullable reference types. The latest version of the UWIP is published at UsersWithoutIdentity. Com. I encourage you to download the KH Authenticator App. Use the app to register a user without a password or email address. Then authenticate a login with the app. The project supports multiple KH Authenticator apps. Users can self-manage authenticators in Manage Account.